What we offer

Highland Games

We invite all of our clan members to various Highland Games around the world where we are hosting Clan Arthur tents!


We keep all clan members up to date and connected through our Clan newsletters!


Our members love to help fellow clansmen with genealogy information and guidance.

Do you want to…

Join our clan society?

Take some time and meet our Leaders?

...or maybe see some Facts about us?

Our Clan Commissioners

About us

Desiring to form a Clan family that would be more in line with a form of Scottish Clan governance, Clan Arthur is lead by our Clan Chief and his appointed Officers.  Clan Arthur has continued to grow and thrive; building on the dedication of its ever-increasing membership. We are excited about the future of our Clan family and welcome you to join us as we build on the traditions of the past and the strength of our common heritage.

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