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Clan Arthur, is one of the oldest clans in Scotland. Today the Clan is a growing organization with membership throughout the world. Its most active objectives are to extend the links of kinship and friendship between MacArthurs wherever they may be and to provide a focal point for all members of the Clan and, indeed interested visitors who wish to learn more of our past. The Clan promotes and encourages research into Clan Arthur and the publication of information pertaining to it’s history, traditions and genealogy.

Names, Septs, and Aliases of Clan Arthur are recognized

We extend a very warm welcome to all our members: continuing, renewing, and brand new.  We hope that you will benefit from the fellowship which the Clan has to offer while, at the same time, gaining satisfaction from the part which you are playing in the furtherance of the Clan’s objectives.

Members-Only Website Content

Coming soon, your membership in the Clan will include special members-only protected content on this website. Access will be granted to members in good standing per the Membership Convener. (Membership dues are payable on 1st January each year.)
Selected newsletter articles
The Clan recipes book
Historical articles
International Clan Gathering communications
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Annual Dues

Subscriptions are due by 1 January of each year unless you have joined the Society on or after September of the previous year. However, before renewing your subscription, please read the information below to ensure payments are made correctly and promptly.
Membership Enquiries
E-mail: membership@clanarthur.org

 Other Important Information

Please remember to include your Membership Number, or contact details, in all correspondence.
Do remember to let us know your new address if you move to a new home.
If you hear of the death of any member, please inform the Administrative Office so that our Roll of Honour can be kept up to date.

Members receive four Newsletters per year.

If you can help in any way to further the objectives of the Clan Arthur, or would like to submit an article for our newsletters, please let us hear from you.
This is YOUR CLAN and its continuing growth depends on YOU!

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High Commissioner, Carol McArthur Budlong
email: carolmcarthur18@gmail.com


Chief John & Lorraine MacArthur
email: arthurofthatilk@btinternet.com 
Tirivadich, 21 West End Terrace,
Stranraer DG90HB Wigtownshire, Scotland


High Commissioner, Lloyd MacArthur
email: mcartld@shaw.ca


New Zealand residents, please send an email to


Membership Chair, Karen MacArthur Grizzard
email: membershipchaircaausa@gmail.com
3038 Dotsonville Road Clarksville, TN 37042, USA
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