About Clan Arthur

Clan Artair

We are ‘The Children of Arthur’. We are the descendants of the legendary ‘King’ Arthur. We were Clan Chiefs and warriors. We were farmers and armourers, sailors and fishermen, hunters, lawyers, woodsmen, weavers, and wanderers.

The Lochaber ‘children’ invented the iconic Lochaber Axe, the Islay ‘children’ were the first to manufacture golf clubs, and the Skye ‘children’ taught the world to pipe.

We have been presidents, generals, astronauts, boxers, actors, musicians, teachers and more . . .

Clan Arthur is lead by our Clan Chief and his appointed Officers.  Clan Arthur has continued to grow and thrive; building on the dedication of its ever-increasing membership. We are excited about the future of our Clan family and welcome you to join us as we build on the traditions of the past and the strength of our common heritage.

The major objectives of the Clan Arthur  are:

  • To cultivate a spirit of true kinship amongst our Clan folk and restore and maintain close ties with other MacArthurs wherever they may be.
  • To collect and preserve historical and genealogical data pertaining to Clan Arthur, the original name.
  • To inspire among our members the pride and spirit of our Scottish heritage and to foster those noble qualities that have been such an important factor in shaping our modern social structure.
  • To provide awards promoting the Scottish arts, particularly piping and dancing.